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Social Media Status updated “ Getting Married”

Immediately a bunch of “Likes”,single word replies “ Congratulations” accompanied by different types of smiley’s and the whole world in seconds gets to know that you are not single now, better to stop mingling with you . The single status is out and you are now on the threshold of a very private bonding with the love of your life to be your life long partner. A personal bond on a public platform is what social media have transformed marriages these days. There are many things to cheer about Social Media’s integration with the wedding institution, but still there are certain drawbacks or ill- faith related with more...

The Black Bridal Bliss

The Black Bridal Bliss

The sound of the drums, everyone clapping their hands, music playing in the background. Its celebration time and spirits running high within everyone. Couples come dancing with the music along the alley beautifully dressed, matching the theme colors of the wedding party. You just get mesmerized by the music beats and the rhythm But wait, it’s now time for the bride to enter!! The bride wonderfully dressed up in her wedding gown with her glittering eyes is also seen passing the alley in a dancing posture. Yes, you have landed in an African American wedding service. Each and everyone here wants to break free and enjoy the more...

The American Wedding Love is in the air

The American Wedding – Love is in the air.

“There's nothing more admirable than two people who see eye to eye, keeping house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends” as the ancient Greek writer Homer quotes. American wedding is all about love, friendship and the vow to for a successful marriage, set of common dreams, struggle to accomplish that dream with a sense of commitment towards a common goal. read more...