The Black Bridal Bliss

The Black Bridal Bliss

The sound of the drums, everyone clapping their hands, music playing in the background. Its celebration time and spirits running high within everyone. Couples come dancing with the music along the alley beautifully dressed, matching the theme colors of the wedding party. You just get mesmerized by the music beats and the rhythm But wait, it’s now time for the bride to enter!! The bride wonderfully dressed up in her wedding gown with her glittering eyes is also seen passing the alley in a dancing posture. Yes, you have landed in an African American wedding service. Each and everyone here wants to break free and enjoy the fullest.

The Wedding Customs

The African wedding is a family affair and involve the combination of two lives, their families and sometimes the communities merging together. The Africans settled down in America for quite a decade customs are customized and that reflects in the wedding ceremonies also. African American wedding roots are but an amalgamation of the splendor of western tradition with the regal culture of African heritage. The Black African American wedding is always a unique affairs with their own set of customs and traditions they usually follow. The ethic traditions of uniting two families like ‘knocking the door’, ‘jumping the broom’ signifies all the past problems are swept away along with a strong and a grounded beginning of ‘crossing the sticks’ to ‘pouring libations’ to honor their ancestors and the tasting of lemon, vinegar, cayenne and honey the four elements that represents different emotions in a relationship are some of the wedding customs followed.

The Wedding Attire

The bride and the groom usually prefer handwoven African royal fabrics called ‘Kante’ be become the uncrowned King and Queen for that day. They alter the designs for them to look the best in the most important day of their life. As the customs mentioned above wearing the traditional attire is part of any African wedding tradition. The favorite colors matching the royalty touch are mostly purple , red, green and gold.

The Wedding Music and Dance

For the people of the African origin music is an expression of the living, a linkage between the present, past and the future. This reflects in their wedding songs spans from wedding love songs to wedding dance songs you just get enchanted in any African American wedding ceremony.