The American Wedding – Love is in the air.

The American Wedding – Love is in the air
“There's nothing more admirable than two people who see eye to eye, keeping house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends” as the ancient Greek writer Homer quotes. American wedding is all about love, friendship and the vow to for a successful marriage, set of common dreams, struggle to accomplish that dream with a sense of commitment towards a common goal.

The wedding traditions of the United states are virtually taken from the customs and the tradition of other countries. Thus, it is quite diverse in nature with a union of both ethnic ways of celebration along with a punch of modernity. Marriage for Americans are hardly arranged. If love exists between two people, they come close, take the vow knitting themselves in the institution of marriage.

Dressing it up

The white dress worn by the bride is a symbol of purity along with a veil that symbolize virginity as people say. The veil is often excluded if it is a second or a third marriage,but the white dress is carried along as a tradition. Americans who are known for their break free attitude are also seen nowadays wearing black gown as their wedding dress which was considered a taboo in the last decade.

But there are also some superstitions which still exist. The groom is not allowed to spot the bride in the wedding dress before the wedding day or the bride can’t wear it beforehand and examine how she looks standing in front of the mirror. There is also a much followed custom on part of the bride to carry something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. This is regarded as a good luck.

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Taking the vow

American weddings do take place in a religious setting, most often in a church.  Family and friends are formally invited.  Ushers seat guests, there are bridesmaids, a best man, flower girls, a ring bearer. Music also plays an important part.Bridal Chorus sings along all the popular sorted out songs “Here comes the bride” or the “wedding march” making the surrounding sensational and overwhelming. The first kiss of the bride and the groom creates a romantic atmosphere as love fills the air.