Social Media Status updated “ Getting Married”

Social Media Status updated Getting Married

Social Media Status updated “ Getting Married” Immediately a bunch of “Likes”,single word replies “ Congratulations” accompanied by different types of smiley’s and the whole world in seconds gets to know that you are not single now, better to stop mingling with you .

The single status is out and you are now on the threshold of a very private bonding with the love of your life to be your life long partner. A personal bond on a public platform is what social media have transformed marriages these days. There are many things to cheer about Social Media’s integration with the wedding institution, but still there are certain drawbacks or ill- faith related with it.

The Shiny Side

From sending invitations to your far off friends or posting seamless videos and photographs of the wedding day it just converts to a live telecast of events in the social media platform. Your wedding day is the most special day of your life and you just enjoy being pampered, communicating to people that this greatest event of your life that is happening sharing your joy and happiness with the world outside. You also find irresistible been followed by your friends talking about your wedding dress, your accessories , your wedding shoes, your hairstyle, you just name it and it’s all pinned separately to be gossiped about. You can’t stop indulging yourself to be the talk of the town of that very special wedding day.

The Gloomy Side

Social Media is fast, but can it turn out to become furious to backfire you? There is always a thin line that should be maintained between your private and social life. You have to be specific about your likes and dislikes that needs to be communicated , but sometimes goes out of your control. Surprises that you thought would excite your guests like how the wedding cake looks or the theme of your reception party seems quite familiar before they really witness themselves physically. And for god’s sake, pay more attention to the stars of the show, the bride and bridegroom than to be glued to your respective phones taking pictures and posting it.